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About us

Our company is serving since 1996 the market for transport and logistics. We settle our main focus on the following:

Freight transport and log-distance haulage
Express and courier Europe-wide
Direct transports
Storage logistics

The national and european market asks more than ever for quality and flexibility. We face this challenge together with our customers, partners and clients.

Service is not a foreign word for us.

Your satisfaction with our work and our company is our main priority. According to our huge service offer in our branch you will find for sure a field where we can help.
You will find out very quickly that we need not fear comparison with other providers.



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TempoLog Transport GmbH, Zum Grenzgraben 20, 76698 Ubstadt-Weiher, Tel: 07251/ 6188744, Fax: 07251/ 6188745
TempoLog Transport GmbH, An der Ro▀weid 26, 76229 Karlsruhe, Tel: 0721/ 1835852, Fax: 0721/ 1835853